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Whether you fell into your current occupation, or felt a calling, or followed the path of least resistance, you can assist yourself and your clients/students to more quickly regain health and well being with the addition of sound/music.

What is Sound Healing

Sound healing is based on the principle that sound changes matter, energy and consciousness.

Through our sound healing training course, practitioners learn how to use sounds and vibrations to 

decrease physical symptoms, balance energy fields, increase focus and concentration, and strengthen the connection to the inner wisdoms and higher dimensions.

The Uniqueness of

     Our Program

is its comprehensive nature regarding sound therapies and its focus on assisting the student to become a more effective healer through self-exploration and hands on sessions with peers. It is a program that has equal emphasis on left brain (scientific) and right brain (intuitive) functions.

Our Program

Three levels of study and practice: 

Level 1 - On line course consisting of 6 Modules

Level 2 - 2 day residential intensive near Knoxville TN

Level 3 - Required case studies followed by a weekend intensive near Knoxville TN

No previous knowledge of music or sound is required.
This training is for any healthcare professional [nurses, PT, OT, MT, chiropractor, MD, counselors, psychologists, etc], musicians, and teachers desiring to integrate music/sound into your professional life.
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