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 Level 3 - Practicum

Only open to those who have completed Levels One and Two

In order to know yourself as a practitioner one must 

PRACTICE!!!  over and over.

Level III requires you to complete 50 case studies.

These will be submitted in groups of 5-10 so they can be reviewed and commented upon as you proceed.


You will also have a total  of 2 hours of one on one  phone sessions with Dr. Jonas. 

At the completion of your practicing, there will be a 

2 Day Intensive at the Inner Harmony Health Center in Walland TN that includes:

        Daily Guided Imagery

        Didactics for honing skills

        Group discussions on your Processes

        Personal Assessments with trainers

More information will be available about this level to graduates of Level II.

Upon completion of all Levels, the 

Certificate in Sound Therapy will be awarded.

COST: $569

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