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Level 2 - 2 Day Intensive

Only open to those who have  completed LEVEL I 

and the prerequisites for LEVEL II

Once you have learned the basics, it is time to learn how to apply sound and music in a way that is effective and productive. The five day intensive is an opportunity for hands on experience and group meditations and sharing.

The Intensive includes:

      Demos and instruction in Vibro Acoustic Therapy, Tuning Forks,         and Passive music/sound therapy

    Daily group guided imagery sessions promoting opening the              high heart chakra & intuition

    Didactics – students working on each other

    Classes – What Makes a Good Therapist; 

            Muscle Testing/Pendulum Work

            Chakras and coordinating music and sounds

           Applications of Sound in Medicine


The Intensive will be held at Inner Harmony Health Center in Walland TN in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Knoxville airport is 30 minutes away. There are accommodations nearby  

the Center, Walland and Townsend, the gateway to the Smokys.

Lunches will be included.


2024 Tentative date: September 21-22

FEE - $469

Includes 2 days of instruction, 2 lunches.

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