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Level 1 - On line learning

Level 1 Modules are the base of our program, the foundation information needed to proceed to learning how to administer and integrate sound/music into your profession in a highly meaningful way. We want you to be not only a good sound therapist, but a great one! We believe just having knowledge and expertise in sound and a sound therapy does not make you a sound therapist. One must also heal oneself at all levels so as to be the best human possible.

Each Module consists of information in PDF form with ~links to explore or listen to audio selections

~homework assignments to submit.

In Addition, you will receive a download of:

~Take Two CDs and Call Me in the Morning. Suzanne Jonas

~Practitioner's Guide to Vibro Acoustic Therapy. S. Jonas

~Several audio programs relating to the Modules.

Upon Completion of the Modules, there will be a final paper where you can demonstrate your mastery of the topics.

Passing the assignments and final paper allows you to proceed to Level 2.

MODULE 1 - Who Are We?

                   What is Consciousness

                        A look at Quantum Physics

                        The 5 Bodies of Consciousness

                        Emotional Disclosure

MODULE 2 - Getting to Know Me

                    Brain Dominance

                         Personality Profiles

MODULE 3 - The Power of the Mind

                   Stress vs Mindfulness



                        Guided Imagery

MODULE 4 - What is Sound

                    What is Music

                         What is Sound & uses

MODULE 5 - Applying Frequencies

                    How Music affects the Brain

                         Using frequecies

MODULE 6 - What is Sound Therapy

                    Tuning Forks

                         Rhythmic Sensory Stimulation


FEE: $369

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